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How I gained 1000 Subscribers in 4 months!

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How I gained 1000 Subscribers in 4 months!

Pramod George
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Do you want to create content on YouTube? Don't make the mistakes that I did. I created this e-book to help you understand everything I've learned. This book will take you 30 mins to read at max and will save you 6 years of effort.

Here are the topics we will cover in this ebook.

  1. Things You Should Know: The mindset you need to succeed at Youtube.
  2. Equipment: Learn about affordable equipment for lighting, sound, video and editing.
  3. Thumbnail and Titles: Learn how to package your content so people will click on your videos.
  4. Metrics: Learn what metrics matter and how to optimise your content for them.
  5. Scripting Your Content: Learn about how to structure your content for maximum audience retention.

If you're serious about

  • Creating a youtube channel
  • Building an online brand
  • Creating digital products
  • Becoming an influencer
  • Gaining financial freedom

Then this e-book is a must-read.

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