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Management Tools - One On One

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Becoming an “effective manager” is hard. You need to

  • Understand your company’s objectives.
  • Deliver results every quarter.
  • Manage the expectations of your team.
  • Reduce attrition.

This is easier said than done. I struggled with these goals too, until I discovered the secret weapon to truly become effective.

I call it “One On One Meetings”.

Every week I meet with all my reports and managers to make sure we are on the same page.

Setting up this process has helped me improve my productivity by 500% and reduce attrition by 100%. This process has also helped me get great reviews from my reports (You can check my recommendation section).

To help you to become an effective manager, I’ve created a toolkit to get you started right.

This toolkit has

  1. An email template that educates your reports about the value of one on ones - so they get excited to meet with you regularly.
  2. Explanations of how to conduct an effective one on one meeting.
  3. Meeting notes template that guides you to conduct effective one-on-one meetings.
  4. 27 questions that you can ask your reports during your one-on-one meetings- so you never have to be blank again.
  5. Printable documents if you prefer writing.

I sold a course around this for 5000, but I’m offering it to 99 serious buyers for 99 for this week alone. So Hurry, get it while it lasts.

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A complete toolkit with tutorial and templates.


Management Tools - One On One

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