Executive Briefing: Introduction To Product Management

Pramod George
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Want to set up your product management vertical right? Then you cannot afford to not read this pocket business guide. Learn everything you need to know in 15 mins or less.

What you'll Learn.

Chapter 1: Introduction To Product Management

  • What is product management?
  • The history of product management.
  • Modern product management.
  • The Job of a product manager.
  • Problem space vs solution space.
  • How product managers can make you agile.
  • Product jargon you should know.

Chapter 2: Product Teams

  • What does a successful product team's composition look like?
  • The three pillars of "The Value Framework".
  • SCRUM: The most famous agile framework.

Chapter 3: Hiring Product Managers

  • The knowledge, skills, and characteristics required by a product manager.

Chapter 4: Role Of Executives In Product Teams

  • Role of executives in product teams.
  • FAQ
  • About the author

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Executive Briefing: Introduction To Product Management

0 ratings
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