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Linkedin/ Instagram Canva Carousel Post Template

Pramod George
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Engage your audiences better with these thoughtful and well-designed carousel post templates. Usable on Linkedin and Instagram.

These carousel templates are thoughtfully designed so you can focus on writing and communicating your message.


  1. 1080x1035 to maximize the space it takes up on mobile screens without fully obscuring the user's view.
  2. Proper margins so your words are covered by app UI. (Instagram and Linkedin)
  3. Light theme with conscious colors to enhance readability.
  4. Auto height adjusting text boxes so you can focus on writing. Spacing and padding are automatic.
  5. Each page has instructions (Eg: Intro page, summary page, call to action page etc) so you will never forget to properly structure your posts.

Hi, I’m Pramod George and I can help you maximize your creativity, freedom, and impact. I do this by helping you

  • figure out your superpower,
  • build your online credibility,
  • create digital products and
  • build a sustainable business around the first 3.

Connect with me on social media.

Youtube | Instagram | Linkedin

#productivity #digitalmarketing #personalbranding

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A link to a Canva.com template that you can duplicate and use to engage your audiences!


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Linkedin/ Instagram Canva Carousel Post Template

2 ratings
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